November 7, 2022

“Stacey, I just wanted to give my own special personal thanks for making this [EP 385] sound really excellent! You are a very thoughtful interviewer and have a great command of the content. It was really a pleasure.”

—Dan Mendelson, CEO of Morgan Health at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

October 31, 2022

“Stacey, I love your most recent podcast episode (EP384) @RelentlessHealth. Just wanted to give you a shout-out. So concise and powerful.”
—Aaron Cohen

June 8, 2022

Congratulations to Stacey Richter, host of Relentless Health Value podcasts, for her participation at the “Moving to Value Alliance” symposium.

In an article about the symposium by the Hartford Business Journal, Richter was quoted saying, “There must be collaboration between all stakeholders in order to achieve better healthcare outcomes. Collaboration is essential to provide affordable care. Patients are skipping their medical care because they are worried about the costs.”

More information about the symposium and additional comments from Stacey can be read here.

March 16, 2022

Congratulations to the Relentless Health Value Podcast team for receiving top billing on “The 10 podcasts to listen to right now, according to Advisory Board experts.”

Aventria® Health Group is proud to support Relentless Health Value’s continued success at helping to transform healthcare by fostering collaboration and breaking down silos.

February 24, 2021

“Stacey, just your annual reminder that your podcast @RelentlessHealth is amazing. I seriously love it—you are my go-to anytime I am walking or traveling anywhere. Particularly enjoyed the most recent episode with Mark Fendrick (EP308).”   —Corey Feldman

December 11, 2020

“Love the podcast @RelentlessHealth, Stacey. You and your guests are a bright light in a dark night these days. Keep up the great work.”  —Evan Gallagher, director, Medicare and Medicaid strategy, at Kaiser Permanente, Greater Los Angeles Area

November 30, 2020

300th Episode Buzz

Relentless Health Value aired its 300th episode on November 12, 2020, and generated a great deal of response!
Below are some of our favorites:

  • “Stacey, it’s not just your timely topics and top-tier guests but the way you ask all the questions your audience wants/needs to hear. (Bonus: Your podcast is responsible for keeping me on my bike for much longer rides—so thanks for that as well!) Looking forward to the next 300!” —Patrick Long, Middle Market Self-Insurance Solutions
  • “Amazing string of great content. My, what you have learned and what we have tried to learn with you.” —Andrew Weniger, general manager at Firstview LLC
  • “Staple in my week. Thanks, Stacey, for talking about the issues through different ecosystem lenses but grounded in common sense and consumer/patient interest.” —Joris Prikken, strategist
  • “You are a treasure to all of us that work to change health care.” —Eric Bricker, MD
  • “Congratulations, Stacey! You’re one of the best podcasters out there, and I’d like you to help drive high-quality content with a shift to health B2B content.” —Todd S. Eury, influential voice of change within the profession of pharmacy
  • “Congrats, Stacey!!! Great insights and perspectives. Keep up the good work!” —Michael Motto, market access at Intouch Solutions
  • “And everyone has been priceless, Stacey. Here’s to 300 more!” —Steve Schutzer, MD, physician executive at Trinity Health of New England
  • “Great discussion on ‘fire extinguisher’ and subscription models to pay for novel antibiotics (22:45). Thanks, Stacey Richter and Bruce Rector, MD.” —James Haven, PhD
  • “Congratulations, Stacey Richter, on this important milestone! I am a big fan of the show and appreciate all that you do to advance knowledge in the health care industry. Here’s to you and your team … looking forward to hundreds more episodes!” —Eric Weaver, DHA, MHA, value-based care
  • “Fab! Stacey, the value you provide is extraordinary!” —Linda Kennyhertz, managing director at Strategic Change Associates

November 19, 2020

“Thank you for all you are doing in helping to bring change to how we deliver and pay for health care. Your podcasts @RelentlessHealth are forcing stakeholders to think differently about health care delivery!” —Peter Hayes from Purchasing Alliance of Maine

    October 19, 2020

    “Moment of gratitude … your podcast [Relentless Health Value] is one of my all-time favorites! Thank you for your focus on system transformation. The speakers are excellent, and your questions are provocative. Wanted you to know your hard work is wildly appreciated.” —Tanya L. Stewart, MD, MBA

      September 17, 2020

      “I can’t emphasize enough how insightful, well prepared, and high quality @RelentlessHealth is, if you want to better understand the US health care system. With 200+ episodes, it is an expert show I could not recommend more for those in health care.” —Tjasa Zajc

        July 31, 2020

        “It was a real honor to be part of this podcast [EP 285] … Stacey Richter is a real pro with an outstanding capability of breaking down this complex health care system we all work in. I highly recommend you follow Stacey [Relentless Health Value] and sign up for these podcasts. You will not be disappointed as this authentic intelligent expert … tells it like it is. You rock, Stacey.” —Dawn Cornelis

        “Always a pleasure listening to your curated conversations! Highly recommend this [Relentless Health Value] to anyone who really cares about #patientexperience.” —Liliana Petrova

          June 29, 2020

          Relentless Health Value is listed in Health IT Connect’s More Podcast Recommendations—Going Beyond HIT

          “If you want the big picture on health care and not just IT, add this one to your list. And … Stacey has a special COVID-19 series as well.” —Sue Schade

            June 26, 2020

            “I absolutely love this podcast [Relentless Health Value]. It is must listening for all my pharmacy students who come on rotation with me!” —Mike Daly from Drake University

              June 22, 2020

              Relentless Health Value is featured in Kevin’s Weekly Health Tech Reads of 6/7

              “This podcast (EP279) does an excellent job laying bare the challenging economics of health care in this country today and the role that employers, health systems, and insurers will all need to play in solving the challenges ahead. If you’re confused about the dynamics of how health systems can be facing financial challenges in the midst of a pandemic—this podcast is for you. It’s one of the most digestible breakdowns of health system financial models I’ve heard. The points made about the health systems’ lack of understanding of their own costs and the challenges that presents are particularly worthwhile. Worth a listen.” —Kevin O’Leary

                May 4, 2020

                Limited-run COVID-19 Series

                To help health care stakeholders prepare for the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Relentless Health Value (RHV) host Stacey Richter has launched a series of podcast episodes with key thought leaders in the health care industry.

                This COVID-19 podcast series is targeted at health care providers, payers, pharma, and employers who want to stay ahead of the potential consequences on health care of this pandemic, both negative and potentially positive. She and her esteemed guests discuss what action steps successful health care stakeholders must take right now, and in the coming months.

                  April 27, 2020

                  “Thank You for Your Podcast (Stacey Richter @RelentlesHealth). Wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your podcasts. They are part of my Friday morning ritual now. Your last several have been especially outstanding. I had listened to some sporadically in the past but am now more devoted. I am going to go back and listen to some others (including the one with the Treasurer of NC—EP 249). Thank you for doing these!” —Doug Moore

                    March 6, 2020

                    “Stacey Richter @RelentlessHealth produces one of the best #healthcare #podcasts out there. I’m flabbergasted at the quality of her guests, extent of supporting content (transcripts, etc) & frequency of production!” —Steve Sisko @Shimcode

                    “I just listened to the latest podcast with Brian and Rishab (EP262). Holy cow that was a great interview and a must listen for investors, entrepreneurs, and health system decision makers.” —Cyrus Peyrovian

                    “Relentless Health Value, Stacey Richter, is my favorite.” —Patrick Long

                    “Love that one as well. Stacey Richter rocks!” —Dr. Josh Luke

                      February 12, 2020

                      Paul Wilson, editor-in-chief, BenefitsPRO, asked the following to his readers: “The volume of information available to us these days is amazing, but it can also be overwhelming. So please help us create a best-of list that will serve as a resource for benefits professionals who are looking for great content.”

                      Thank you, Derek Winn, president of Distilled Concepts and consultant at Business Benefits Group, for your response:

                      Relentless Health Value Podcast “offers deep dives into specific health care supply chain conversations.”

                        January 21, 2020

                        Relentless Health Value has been listed in the Top 10 Health Podcasts & Healthcare Influencers to Follow in 2020.

                        According to Dr. Josh Luke, “Stacey Richter at Relentless Health Value podcast has astounding insights for patients, providers, insurance carriers, and especially employers. She breaks down various twists and tricks in the medical field to help lower costs for both individuals and businesses.

                        "The show connects patient and provider experiences with efficient cost management. Rather than individual parts of the health care system dealing with individual parts of the person, Stacey Richter shows us how to combine all the elements and move towards a collaboration that truly gets to the heart of being healthy. For people looking to navigate the growing regulations from the government and insurance industries, this is the podcast to listen to.”

                          December 10, 2019

                          Relentless Health Value by Stacey Richter was awarded the Edward R. Murrow for podcasters award in the 2019 Not The Deplorables Awards.

                          “Podcasts are the new way of reaching people, and exposing ‘pry, poke and prod’ programs seems to be a popular topic.” The article listing this award and other award winners can be found in Announcing the 2019 Not the Deplorables Awards.

                            November 21, 2019

                            Use our promo code: RELENTLESS20 for 20% off your registration at the 2019 NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference

                              November 19, 2019

                              Standing Up to Rising Healthcare Costs, the Crisis of Appropriateness, and the Fate of Community Pharmacies

                              Relentless Health Value highlights three timely and relevant podcasts that discuss ways patients and organizations are fighting rising healthcare costs, the crisis of appropriateness in medical care and billing, and how pharmacy benefit managers are threatening community pharmacies. How do these issues impact you?

                                October 22, 2019

                                Really enjoy the @Relentless Health podcasts by Stacey Richter.
                                “Stacey is a gifted interviewer and has an unusual knack for a pithy summary of complex ideas. Really fun!” —Mark Blum, America’s Agenda

                                  October 9, 2019

                                  Dr. Eric Bricker on recognized a recent Relentless Health Value podcast, Episode 242: The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care—and How to Fix It, With Marty Makary, MD. Dr. Bricker in his video summarizes the podcast and states: “It is an awesome podcast and an awesome interview. … It is fantastic, and I highly encourage you to listen to it.”


                                    September 30, 2019

                                    Really enjoy the podcasts. I am an independent RPh in SW Missouri. It is nice to find a well done source of information with excellent guests. Your podcast is an excellent learning tool and very well done. Thank you!” — J.C., Rogersville Pharmacy

                                      September 19, 2019

                                      Drug Pricing Oversight, Employers Seeking Healthcare Value, Population Health’s Impact on Prescribing.

                                      Relentless Health Value highlights three timely and relevant podcasts that discuss how proposed drug pricing initiatives may impact pharmaceutical strategies, the increasing numbers of employers looking for value, and how population health initiatives may impact prescribing. How do these issues impact you?

                                        June 14, 2019

                                        Relentless Health Value Named a Top 5!

                               on the 50 Best Podcasts for Claim Adjusters

                                        Relentless Health Value is a podcast for business leaders working for payer/insurance carrier and provider organizations as well as pharmaceutical, medical device, patient advocacy, and other health care organizations. The podcast brings together a panel of expert guests that discuss ways to improve population health while managing costs and enabling accurate revenue intake (…)

                                          March 17, 2019

                                          I love this Podcast. Great, disruptive guests. Great job, Stacey.” —M.M. @MattMD

                                            December 6, 2018

                                            “Stacey Richter at @Relentleshealth is one of the best healthcare podcasters out there.” —S.S. @Shimcode

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